Welcome to Word And Mouth!

Writing to inspire and entertain is challenging enough. Writing to inspire, entertain, convince – and convert – online is almost impossible unless you’ve spent most of your life studying how to do it, and delivering the goods.

I’m Dave Thackeray, and I have.

I’m old enough to remember an internetless world. As a journalist I spent most of my time getting to know people face to face. A far cry from how most of us do business today.

Those years on the beat gave me a huge advantage in understanding what customers want. Social media, missing context and subtleties of meaning, only tells half the story.

Knowing people and how they behave is a powerful asset. Combine that with the amazing insights offered by web analytics and we writers are halfway to paradise.

Doing business online is a perfect rendition of the hero’s journey. Knowing who you are and your vision and outcomes is the first step; reaching enlightenment takes a sophisticated courtship with your customer that takes time and patience.

Writers play a part in creating the right content and managing your customer communications but equally you need marketing smarts. A content strategy so you’re always anticipating customer wants and addressing them before they ask the question. Social media guidance and plans to be there when clients need you. And advice on the right and cost-effective tools to use to ensure everything you do to reach your customers is on time, effective and an efficient use of your resources.

You might even want to repurpose your customer communications to reach people in different ways. Turn those articles into podcast topics to establish yourself as a thought leader, or develop a web TV series to bring your messages to life.

I’ve spent years in the trenches learning these skills and I’m here to give them to you as an added benefit of working with me.

I cannot teach you to write. But I can transform your customer communications and help you build a better business.

I will make you more money. And since I don’t make videos of cats dancing or jump off mountains for charity (but I do write for good causes for free whenever I can), isn’t that the best I could possibly do?